PRP Platelet Rich Plasma

Ready to rejuvenate!
This is a tool of sorts that has been discovered to have a great effect on the treatment of injuries. Taking a page from that book, we now use the platelets’ healing power to repair damaged skin and freshen your face up more effectively than it ever did before. It has been used extensively to treat acne scars, reduce wrinkles, tighten sagging skin, make dark circles vanish and substitute fillers. We offer combinations of PRP with other treatments like laser, botox, etc. to help increase its effectiveness. Our team of experts will help you decide how to go about your PRP plan and regain your lost confidence because confidence is key!
PRP is becoming more and more popular as people are moving away from synthetic, unnatural products and embracing natural processes like using the body’s own plasma to help heal damaged skin and make it look fresh and young.
Another benefit of PRP is regrow hair in balding spots.
The process involves having a small sample of your own blood and reinjecting it on the desired area with very tiny needle pricks after extracting the platelets.